Amanda Hess Style Tip #1 – Local Stylist Collaboration

Amanda Hess Style Tip #1 – Local Stylist Collaboration

We are excited to be teaming up with local stylist & confidence coach, Amanda Hess!
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February Style Tip

Let me ask you a question? Do you have pieces in your closet that don’t fit? Do you have pieces that you don’t like? Pieces you don’t know how to wear? What about things you have had since High School?
Can I lovingly share something with you – they need to come out of your closet. You might be telling yourself that your New Years Resolution is going to get you into those jeans – and you might be right. But right now – you don’t wear them.
When you put on a piece of clothing that doesn’t fit – what kind of thoughts are you having? Do you beat yourself up? Do you wish you were smaller? Taller? Younger? Here’s what I KNOW for sure! If your closet is filled with pieces that fit you and pieces that you love – you just don’t have these thoughts. You are FREE from all the mind drama and you can just carry on with your goal digging dreams. Do yourself a favor – make a New Years Resolution to your sanity and TAKE THEM OUT of your closet. Your happiness will thank you!

Amanda Hess is the owner of 3S Confidence. She is a style and confidence coach who helps both men and women increase their confidence through what they wear, how they wear it and how they think about themselves and what’s possible.

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