14 Jun 2017

Summer Shoe Trends

If you spend all year in Calgary you know that joyous moment we wait for all year; when it finally feels like summer. It is a time full of evenings spent waiting in ridiculously long line ups at Village Ice Cream or Made by Marcus, anxiously awaiting those 10 crazy days in July and spending your weekends floating down the Bow River. Even more exciting is the opportunity to update your wardrobe for those warmer days. And why not spend a fraction of the cost, by shopping with us! When looking for those staples to get you through the Summer, make sure you don’t overlook new shoes to go with all those sundresses and cutoffs.
Here are our picks for essential summer footwear!

by Ceilidh McConnell

Comfy Yet Stylish Sneakers

Over the past few years the clean, white sneaker has been everywhere and while we love that, we are happy to see the trend shifting more towards bright colours and prints! Like the sneakers pictured below, we love a pair that is able to add a bright pop of colour to a basic outfit. Or if your outfit already has a feature piece that is a bright colour, add a sneaker in the same colour which really pulls the whole outfit together.

Flatform – The Sandal That Does It All

Have you heard? Platforms are on their way out and their more down to earth cousin, the flatform, is here to stay. Flatforms are really the ideal summer shoe; they are so comfortable but are still able to give you some height making them the perfect shoe to wear as you stroll around town on your hunt for the best patio spot. Plus they are so versatile, the flatform can transition you from work to dinner, and are even beach appropriate.

Not Your Grandma’s Kitten Heel

Often when thinking of a kitten heel the word “dated” comes to mind. But not anymore. Gucci, Manolo Blahnik, Dior and many more have brought back the kitten heel and we are in love. It is a shoe that can add some glamour to nearly any outfit making it the perfect choice to dress up a simple wide-leg pant or neutral skirt. We suggest finding a pair that has a modern flare. This can be accomplished with a brightly coloured heel or one that is a unique texture, such as lace.


When thinking of Summer boots, we Calgarians tend to think of the cowboy boot, which is great for Stampede, but what about the rest of the Summer? A little wedge ankle boot is the perfect addition to your summer wardrobe for those rainy days we are bound to get. When looking for a boot for the warmer months we love lighter colours such as a pale pink or pastel blue. Plus you can repeat this piece in your outfits throughout the year when you are looking for a pop of colour. If you want your pair to have a extra Summer feel, find a pair with a peep toe to show off your cute summer pedicure!

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31 May 2017

Festival Fashion

Leave the flower crowns and sunburns behind, and step into summer with festival fringe, relaxed fits and airy blouses. Calgary may not be a lush refuge, but it’s easier to pretend we’re in a palm-tree ridden oasis when we dress for the occasion. Shop SalvEdge for summer essentials and venture to any markets and festivals you come across this summer; we can create our own Calgary Coachella mindset!

by Lucy Randal

Cute & Covered Up

For the girls weary of burning in the summer heat (and when you don’t want to wear a layer of SPF 50) try more coverage with lightweight materials. Go for prints and pleats, and add a comfy but cute sandal and larger-than-life accessories. SalvEdge’s pick includes a pleated skirt with a printed blue blouse to tuck in or leave out. Try a heavier-width belt for your waist, and complete the look with a tie-up sandal! This cute yet practical outfit will leave you carefree in the summer heat!

Fringe & Floral

Short-shorts are a must for the summer heat, and a denim pair with a distressed look will do the trick for the festival vibes! Pair with a floral or brightly patterned top for a simple yet eye-catching outfit. If you want to include fringe without overdoing it, try a fringe vest or bag! Layer on some bracelets or go for a large bangle! SalvEdge’s pick includes a black laced up choker to compliment the fringe bag. If you’re planning on taking this outfit on the town, then choose a cute wedge for a more pulled together look!

Tomboy Cool

For those who plan on working the festival grounds for hours, then a cool yet comfortable outfit is key. Try a high-waist pant with a crop top, or choose a boyfriend jean with a cool tank or t-shirt. If a comfy boot is your go to, then roll up those jeans so they hit just the tops of your brown desert ankle boots. A long day out means carrying those essentials around, so choose a similar brown toned cross-body to store your sunscreen, sunnies and water!

24 May 2017

May SalvEdge Fashion Ambassador: Brina

Vibrant, confident, talented Brina pulling off edgy looks that may just inspire you! We had fun with her as she put together outfits that reflected her personal style & flair.
As a local artist and new social media blogger to the community, she’s someone you want to get to know! 

Outfit 1: 60s inspired print dress; speckled boots (outfit under $50). 
Outfit 2: J Brand jeans; Report leather wedge boots; new print scarf (t-shirt her own).
Outfit 3: BCBG silk & sequin top; Robert Rodriguez lace shorts;
Michael Kors laser cut leather heels.


How would you describe your personal style?

I would describe my personal style as eclectic. Currently I am heavily influenced by rock n roll, the 60s, the 80s and 90s, but like two months ago I was doing a lady-like thing with 50s references. I grew up reading Vogue so I have a really good knowledge of fashion history and that’s where my dynamic view of fashion comes from. Pretty much anything can be my style if I’m in love with the garment.

What does fashion mean to you?

Fashion means a lot to me. Choosing what to wear everyday is like getting to create a piece of art daily. Style is an act of creation. It’s an artistic expression. It’s the funnest thing ever.

What do you like about SalvEdge Boutique/consignment shopping in general?

I love the wide selection of designer goods available at SalvEdge. The store satisfies my massive array of tastes as an ‘Eclectic Girl’. Also, the price point is just right. Both Krista and Ali have been wonderful to work with so I’d say I like the staff as well. 🙂

Interested in becoming our next Fashion Ambassador?
Email us at salvedgefashion@gmail.com.

18 May 2017

Buy Smarter: Look Better, Waste Less $

We’ve all been there…see something in a shop, fall in love and have to have it.
The price was right. The fit was perfect.
Then after one wear, it looks like a rag that had its day.
Money down the toilet, AND the garment you loved and lost so quickly is disappointing to say the least,
because now what are you going to wear next weekend with your favourite heels?

It’s like being swayed by the perfect smile across the bar, only to learn later, he/she is a lying douche.

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10 May 2017

A Bag for Every Babe!

by Lucy Randal

Whether you’re a “bag-girl” or not, we all need something to carry around our makeup, day-planner, wallet, keys or even a Chihuahua. So why not have a little flair and style with your arm candy! SalvEdge has a variety of bags to meet the needs of either the most conservative dresser or the most eccentric stylist.

Bright & Bubbly

A bold bag can make any muted outfit pop! Go for a bright colour, or a two-toned purse that stands out and makes your outfit say ‘hello’! A bold coloured bag can be used to complement another piece of your outfit in the same colour. So add a red pump to match your red bag, or a pink belt to complement your pink purse. Our red Miu Miu and pink Kate Spade are sure to brighten you up!

The Devil’s in the Details

Add some edge to your outfits and go for a purse with big statement details. Purses with extra hardware and chains can turn your cutesy outfit into a bold, eddy one! To go those extra miles, throw on a leather jacket for a sassy-ridden style! You can find this gorgeous Chanel bag at our 17th Ave location to complete your outfit today.

Keep it Simple

You can never go wrong with a classic black bag. Choose one that is versatile in its straps and it will become your go-to for everyday wear. Black can be paired with most any outfit choice and if you choose a larger one like this Kate Spade piece, then you’ll fit in all your necessities and never have to empty your favourite purse to grab everyday.


19 Apr 2017

April SalvEdge Fashion Ambassador: Jena

Beautiful, charming Jena looking stunning in Missoni & BCBG!
She is a savvy shopper who knows fashion and it’s always
a pleasure to have her at our shop!

Outfit 1: Gorgeous in a BCBG Runway Dress; Marc Jacobs leather bag.
Outfit 2: Edgy in J Brand jeans & a moto jacket; Kate Spade clutch.
Outfit 3: Stylish in a Missoni dress & Burberry bag.

How would you describe your personal style?

I think my personal style can be described as feminine business casual. As an introvert I don’t try to grab attention with my outfits but like to inspire some sensuality at the least. Selecting items that I feel super confident in is a must! Its all about thinking beyond the black bootcut dress pant. I’m most comfortable in a dress so I’m always looking for quality fitted dresses and incorporating other pieces that say i’m feminine, strong and polished. This means bulky knits, and boring flats are total no-no’s. I love to be able to take my favourite pieces from the office to happy hour.


What does fashion mean to you?

I view Fashion as a tool that i use to help shape the worlds opinion of me. Fashion is a subtle universal form of communication. On the streets of Istanbul, tokyo, or Vancouver what you wear is being interpreted slightly different but will most likely convey the same message.
I love fashion because great designers are truly expert craftsman at their trade and i deeply respect them for that. The feeling greatly designed, quality pieces bring to consumers is amazing to say the least. Like art, I believe Fashion helps bring more beauty and excitement to the world. A fashion show is an art exhibit.

What do you like about SalvEdge Boutique/consignment shopping in general?

I like consignment shopping because i can find many items that were never worn or are very lightly worn at great prices! We’ve all made a purchase that doesn’t end up bringing the joy we thought it would. When that happens it’s best to consign so the item has the potential to bring someone else joy instead of sitting in your closet.

I like many things about shopping at SalvEdge. My favourite part of shopping at SalvEdge is knowing that Krista has hand selected each item. Trusting in Krista’s vetting process, i know it’s impossible to buy an item I’ll regret. Plus the items are always changing unlike department stores that are only changing with the seasons. Well, at least thats my excuse for shopping at SalvEdge weekly.