Dressing your body type

Dressing your body type

We’ve all done it, picked up a magazine and idolized how great celebrities look. But do they really have better bodies than the average person? Or is it simply that they have a great team of stylists that know exactly what to dress them in. While we all may not be able to afford a personal stylist, learning what clothes work for your body type can definitely help you look as great as celebrities do. Below we have included some styling tips that will show off your best features and have you feeling your very best.

by Ceilidh McConnell

Apple Shape
Women with apple shaped bodies tend to carry their weight in their mid-section and have slim arms and legs. For these gorgeous ladies we recommend finding clothes that show off your great limbs and draw attention away from the torso area. The best way to do this is to find a few great A-line dresses that flow outward from the chest area, with shorter hemlines to show off your legs. Alternatively, a wide legged pant paired with a layered shirt is also a great outfit choice for this body shape as it creates the illusion of a more slender silhouette.

Pear Shape
This body shape is more commonly known as “hippy” and as the namesake suggests, is characterized by wider hips paired with a narrower upper body. You can easily balance this out by finding tops that broaden your upper body. We love a great cap sleeved blouse which is always classy while drawing attention away from your hips. This can also be accomplished with a dress or top that has embellishment around the neckline. Another great tip is to wear dark pants or skirts, because darker colours have a naturally slimming effect helping your top and bottom seem more in proportion with one and another.

A rectangular or athletic built body is characterized by having shoulders, waist and hips all of similar size. If you have this body type you also tend to have less curves but don’t worry, with the right pieces anybody can create the illusion of curves. A great way to achieve curves is through empire waistline dress, by cinching the waist, your chest and hips will automatically appear larger. And if dresses aren’t your thing a peplum top paired with a great pair of dark jeans can do wonders to create a curvier look.

This body type is essentially the opposite of the rectangular body, and is commonly known as curvy. As we all know by the world’s obsession with the Kardashians, it is clear that when it comes to curves, the bigger the better. Our biggest piece of advice for ladies with an hourglass figure is to embrace those curves. Our favourite way to do this is with a well fitted pencil skirt paired with a v-neck top. Also be sure to have a bra that supports your bigger chest to ensure you look your best.

For all you gals that come in a small package, our biggest tip is to find an amazing seamstress and make her your new best friend. If you have a petite figure it is easy for your clothes to overpower you, looking unfitted and baggy. It is always worth getting great pieces altered to show off your great shape. Also vertical striped dresses or pants can be great to elongate your body.

All Body Shapes
Lastly our biggest piece of advice for all body types is to wear clothes that fit you and not to be overly focused on wearing a specific size. The more comfortable you are, the easier it will be to rock any look you choose!

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