Fall 2017 Fashion Trends

Fall 2017 Fashion Trends

Effortless, sustainable shopping from and for YYC’s fashionistas that is right on trend for Fall.

Another fashion season is upon us and if you’re like most people, Fall is your favourite when it comes to getting dressed for the day. Layers, textures and colours pulled together so stylishly that you may, for just a moment, not remember that you miss summer.

At SalvEdge Boutique there are all kinds of styles that align with this season’s trends. Why spend more than you have to if you’re just looking for fashionable pieces to complement your personal style AND be on trend.

The fashionistas of YYC make it easy when their closets come together in a boutique environment, for you to shop effortlessly and spend 50-80% less than regular retail. If sustainable fashion and more $ in your pocket is your idea of uncompromised bliss, SalvEdge Boutique should be your next stop when shopping!

This season’s trends for Fall are a lot of fun and it seems that almost anything goes. Think patchwork, mixed patterns and bold colours. Designers are calling some of these looks a “hot mess”.  Match up different textures and patterns that suit you personally.

Looks that should be easy to align with for a night out are more GLAM. Glitter, gold and fun fur! If this doesn’t scream fun fashion for you…maybe a bit too daring or bold, grab a softer fun fur or shearling coat for your daily go to when the winter months hit. Both stylish and warm.

Neutral plaids and florals also keep you on trend, and we probably all have a bit of this in our closets. If you’ve loved leather leggings in the past, try leather pants (more structured straight leg) to change it up and opt for something more feminine to pair them with – a glitter or lace piece for the gals; a structured jacket for the guys. A lot of suiting trends are hot for the men this season. Adding plaid or leather to the mix of your suiting attire will give the look a bit of edginess.

The hottest colour for fall; RED. Pick your red, and how you might want to incorporate it – subtle, with a bag or shoes; or bold with a jacket, jeans or dress.

SalvEdge Boutique Owner, Krista Hopfauf, says “I’m so excited about the rich textiles this Fall – leather, fun fur, and sparkle! Just having one of these elements in an outfit adds a rich glam feel. And the best part is knowing amazing pieces will come in on consignment that eases spending. So we can all buy more for less money!”

Boutique Manager at SalvEdge on 17th, Sarah Mackowecky, says “The winter floral trend, has got to be my favorite for the fall season! They are darker, and more dramatic than summer. I’m looking forward to pairing it with leather for a cooler edgier look; or with plaid, and other mixed prints for a 70’s bohemian Americana look. Mixing in a chunky knit oversized sweater or athletic wear will also create a fun “hot mess” look.”

Whether you follow trends or not, check SalvEdge Boutique first to ease your budget for fall fashion looks that you’ll love. Staff will help you put together matched looks for on trend style.

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