Festival Fashion

Festival Fashion

Leave the flower crowns and sunburns behind, and step into summer with festival fringe, relaxed fits and airy blouses. Calgary may not be a lush refuge, but it’s easier to pretend we’re in a palm-tree ridden oasis when we dress for the occasion. Shop SalvEdge for summer essentials and venture to any markets and festivals you come across this summer; we can create our own Calgary Coachella mindset!

by Lucy Randal

Cute & Covered Up

For the girls weary of burning in the summer heat (and when you don’t want to wear a layer of SPF 50) try more coverage with lightweight materials. Go for prints and pleats, and add a comfy but cute sandal and larger-than-life accessories. SalvEdge’s pick includes a pleated skirt with a printed blue blouse to tuck in or leave out. Try a heavier-width belt for your waist, and complete the look with a tie-up sandal! This cute yet practical outfit will leave you carefree in the summer heat!

Fringe & Floral

Short-shorts are a must for the summer heat, and a denim pair with a distressed look will do the trick for the festival vibes! Pair with a floral or brightly patterned top for a simple yet eye-catching outfit. If you want to include fringe without overdoing it, try a fringe vest or bag! Layer on some bracelets or go for a large bangle! SalvEdge’s pick includes a black laced up choker to compliment the fringe bag. If you’re planning on taking this outfit on the town, then choose a cute wedge for a more pulled together look!

Tomboy Cool

For those who plan on working the festival grounds for hours, then a cool yet comfortable outfit is key. Try a high-waist pant with a crop top, or choose a boyfriend jean with a cool tank or t-shirt. If a comfy boot is your go to, then roll up those jeans so they hit just the tops of your brown desert ankle boots. A long day out means carrying those essentials around, so choose a similar brown toned cross-body to store your sunscreen, sunnies and water!

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