How to Look Pulled Together & Get Out the Door Fast!

How to Look Pulled Together & Get Out the Door Fast!

by Ceilidh McConnell

Are you always scrambling to get out the door on time in the morning? Are you the kind of person who is impressed when your shoes match, let alone have a well pulled together outfit? We feel you. Mornings are hard after all. Whether you’re a student with early morning classes, a working gal with a long commute or simply a fashionista who needs her beauty sleep; that morning time crunch shouldn’t prevent you from looking your best. Here are a few tips for looking your best in a flash.  You may even have time to spare now to grab your morning latte.

Tip 1: Dresses, dresses & more dresses

Dresses are our absolute favourite for a quick outfit. Just one article of clothing and you are ready to tackle the day. The best part? A girl in a dress always looks like she put effort into getting ready. We suggest having a couple of bright, print dresses that add some excitement to your wardrobe and pair with a neutral heel. Also have at least one black or grey dress you can throw a blazer over on days that you need to look a bit more professional. We find the best bet when choosing dresses is to go with something that falls right at the knee and doesn’t show too much cleavage, that way you can get use out of them during the work week and on the weekend! Don’t have a dress or 5 that fits this criteria? Stop by SalvEdge today we always have at least two racks at each located devoted to just dresses!

Tip 2: Blazers

As indicated in our last tip, having a few good blazers can be a life changer and make it look like you put a lot of thought into your look. Worried a dress is too casual for work? Throw on a blazer! Want to dress up skinny jeans and a tank? Throw on a blazer! Too cold out for bare shoulders, but too warm for a jacket? Throw on a blazer! Only if all of life’s problems had a fix this easy. We recommend having at least two blazers in your closet: a structured one & a more over-sized one. The structured blazer is ideal for the work week and immediately makes you look more professional. The over-sized blazer is great for a more casual look worn with denim. Or if you are super bold pull a Kim K; throw on an over-sized blazer, a lace bralette and over the knee boots and you have a sexy night out look.

Tip 3: Neutrals

Often the trouble with getting ready and out the door in a crunch is knowing the piece you want to feature in your outfit but not knowing what to match it with. The best solution to this issue is having lots of neutrals on hand. We suggest having at least one top, pair of pants, skirt, dress and blazer in each of our favorite neutrals: white, black and grey. The best part is that neutrals always match neutrals so even if you don’t have a feature piece in mind you can always quickly pull a look together. Afraid an outfit full of neutral pieces is too boring? Fear not. This is the perfect opportunity to throw on a bold pump or a statement necklace to add a little extra personality to your look.

Tip 4: Knowing what you have

Our last and probably most important tip for rolling out of bed and out the door under a time crunch is knowing your closet. Often we feel overwhelmed putting outfits together because we don’t know what we have to work with. Give all your unique pieces a fighting chance to make it out into the world by familiarizing yourself with your closet on an ongoing basis. We recommend every few weeks going through your closet, see what you have and what you are missing. If a piece hasn’t been worn consider “am I ever going to wear this?” If the answer is yes, try and coordinate what you would wear with the item so you have an idea or two in mind the next time you are getting dressed. And if you truly know you are never going to wear an item, why don’t you consign it and use the credit you earn to pick up some pieces your closet is missing! Have questions about consigning? Give us a call or check out the “Consign With Us” section on our website.


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