Keeping it cool and professional

Keeping it cool and professional

With the recent heat waves Calgary has been experiencing it is quite tempting to wear as little as possible and just be out sipping on margaritas. Unfortunately, most of us don’t have that luxury and no matter how gorgeous it is outside, we still have to deal with those pesky things called jobs. Meaning, it is essential to have pieces in your wardrobe that won’t have you sweating all day long, but are still work appropriate.

by Ceilidh McConnell

Here are top tips for ensuring your summer looks are appropriate for the office:

Hemlines & Necklines: The number one rule we have for work dresses is give and take when it comes to necklines and hemlines. We recommend choosing between showing off your legs or neck. If you opt for a shorter dress, make sure it isn’t also low cut and vise versa. This allows you to dress for the season and show some skin, but ensures that your look doesn’t have too much of a night on the town feel.

Material: Another great way to beat the heat is to pick pieces that are made of a lighter fabric and be sure to avoid heavy textiles like wool and polyester. Instead, choose more breathable pieces. Our favourite is the light-weight but always classy, silk. Find yourself a pair of silk pants in a neutral colour that you can pair up with some bright blouses that will keep you feeling comfortable when the office air conditioning is out once again.

Colour, colour & some more colour: A simple way of ensuring your outfits are appropriate for the summer is to switch out some of your black blouses for ones that are a brighter hue. Even when it comes to your neutrals replacing your black and grey with some light tan and white pieces can do wonders. Essentially our biggest tip when it comes to choosing colour over the summer is the brighter the better, and avoid black if you can as it attracts heat and can feel slightly suffocating on those scorching summer afternoons.

Light Layers: The best way to beat the heat is to dress in layers. This way you can always lose a layer in the privacy of your cubicle. We find the best way to do this is to have a selection of blazers that can be thrown on over a dress when you need to cover your arms and look slightly more professional for that afternoon board meeting.

Use Accessories to Dress it Up: Often summer pieces due to their colour or shorter length can appear too casual but that doesn’t mean you still can’t make them work for the office. By adding a nice accessory or two, you are able to take your outfit to the next level and ensure you look well put together. For instance, if you are wearing a brightly coloured dress, you can pull the outfit together with a neutral belt and a statement necklace. The addition of accessories shows that you have put thought into your look and didn’t just throw on the same dress you wore to a barbeque this past weekend.

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