Local Blogger Spotlight #4

Local Blogger Spotlight #4

We are so happy to share another fabulous LOCAL fashion & lifestyle blogger with you:
http://stylebyaliya.com/ @stylebyaliya
Read about Aliya below and let her insight, research and style sense inspire you!

1) What inspired you to start your own fashion/lifestyle blog?

I’ve always loved shopping and picking things out for my family and friends. Shopping for me is like working out for others. It’s my exercise. When my husband started his MBA a few years ago, I found myself with a lot of free time and looking for a hobby. I had recently been introduced to Instagram and was following a few fashion bloggers and it occurred to me that I should give blogging a try. Over the past two years, I see that my blog has evolved to include lifestyle, beauty, travel and food.

2) What do you feel makes your blog different?

My biggest pet peeve of following those initial fashion bloggers was that I could never find the stores where they purchased their clothes. When I started my blog, I had decided that my viewers would be able to purchase items featured immediately at their local stores.

“Dressing well does not mean spending lot” is a philosophy of mine.  I truly believe that any outfit will look good on you as long as you have confidence in yourself. Style is so personal and it is a reflection of each of us. My hope with my blog is to inspire others to try and incorporate something they see into their own life and style.

3) What keeps you motivated?

Blogging is something that I do part-time which allows me to use my creative side. My passion and drive to create better content for my readers keeps me motivated. My family is also very supportive and encourages me to pursue this to the fullest extent. I also love meeting fellow bloggers/readers and have met some amazing people who I hope to maintain lasting friendships with.

4) What do you love about having your blog based in YYC?

Calgary is such a great city – so vibrant and always growing. There are so many cool places to take photos, things to do and wonderful people to meet. YYC has that sense of community which is so amazing!

5) What can readers/followers expect to gain from your blog?

Readers will be able to recreate outfits without having to spend a lot of money. Any items I feature on my blog are things that I support. I want to be as honest and transparent with my bloggers. I would like to inspire my readers/followers through my posts – whether that is to try a new meal, travel, product or just motivation!

6) What are 3 things you think the general public doesn’t know or understand about the real work involved with being a successful blogger?

There truly is a difference between “Real” and “Reel.” Don’t compare yourself to anyone. Be proud of YOU and your accomplishments. It takes a lot of time and effort to maintain a blog – photography (planning a photoshoot, editing the photos, etc), preparing corresponding verbiage and promoting the post. Like all things in life – success does not come without hard work.

7) Tell us one thing about yourself that most people wouldn’t know?

I’ve always loved being creative but when it came time to choose a career I went with the safe bet and am an accountant.

8) What is your hope for the online community in the next 5 years?

As other bloggers have mentioned, I really hope that the trend of community over competition continues. When we all share information and work collaboratively, great things happen for all of us. I always strive to live this belief as I know I couldn’t have gotten to where I am without the help and support of others.

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