Myth vs. Fact With SalvEdge Boutique Consignment Fashion

Myth vs. Fact With SalvEdge Boutique Consignment Fashion

Consignment shops have come a long way in the last decade, and if you’re fashion conscious and eco conscious, this retail model should be on your radar. For those who don’t understand consignment or haven’t experienced it for years, SalvEdge Boutique Consignment Fashion is clarifying what it means to be part of this economically savvy, ecologically friendly fashion community.

People are embracing consignment shopping because of both the savings and the experience. Customers love the fact that they can build amazing wardrobes for a fraction of the retail cost with SalvEdge Boutique. They don’t want a ‘cookie-cutter’ wardrobe; they want something that speaks to their unique personality. And consignors are able to make money back on those designer items they no longer need or want. Win, win!

Myth #1: Everything is very “used,” out of style and just plain unwanted.

Consignment does not mean “used.” Many items are brand new with tags, or of very high quality with no visible wear. Sometimes items on consignment are still available in regular retail outlets. Because consignors retain part of the proceeds of the sale, items are generally more expensive or in pristine condition. People who consign generally shop at mid- to high-end retailers, are fashion savvy and care for their clothing. They consign for a variety of reasons: weight fluctuation, changes in personal style, downsizing, impulsive purchasing, seasonal closet rotation, etc. SalvEdge Boutique doesn’t accept items that are worn out/unwearable, or out of date.

Myth #2: Consignment means smelly and unhygienic.

A reputable consignment shop won’t accept any clothing that is stained, dirty or damaged. SalvEdge Boutique requires all pre-owned clothing to be clean and in sellable condition. Buying consignment clothing is really no different from several people trying on the same item at a department store or high-end boutique, or borrowing something from your best friend’s closet.

Myth #3: Everything is unorganized and overwhelming.

SalvEdge Boutique organizes everything by style, size and even colour, styling mannequins for fashion inspiration and to showcase new arrivals. Brand picks and staff picks racks highlight some of the “best of” items. Staff are familiar with the merchandise, so if you’re looking for something specific or need help shopping and styling — just ask.

Myth # 4: Consignment stores have no high-end merchandise.

Consignment shops stock a variety of labels and high-end pieces because that’s what consignment shoppers are seeking. These savvy fashion seekers spend a fraction of the price of “brand new” items (consignment prices are typically 50 to 80% lower than retail), and don’t pay for poorly made “fast fashion.”

Clothes conscious, money-smart fashionistas will be proud to be part of this economically savvy, eco-friendly fashion experience. If you’re not shopping consignment or consigning your preloved fashions, give it a try at SalvEdge Boutique.

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