November Fashion Ambassador: Hazel

November Fashion Ambassador: Hazel

This month’s beautiful SalvEdge FASHION AMBASSADOR, Hazel, is not only a style icon, but a creative, down to earth, professional local stylist. She knows how to have a little flair with a wardrobe that reflects a person’s lifestyle and personality. And she GETS consignment – the recycling of high quality designer items, better prices, endless options for outfits and supporting local.

(Items modelled available at SalvEdge on 17th Ave @salvedgeon17th)

How would you describe your personal style?

To put it simply, I would say my style is very “East coast” or “NYC inspired”. I’ve come to a point where not only do I love every piece in my wardrobe, but most items in my wardrobe are also curated to mix and match and transition into different seasons.

Blank NYC leather jacket / Helmut Lang top / Wilfred faux suede skirt / Lord & Taylor boots / Louis Vuitton Speedy

What influence does fashion have in your daily life?

Fashion literally IS my daily life! I make a living off of editing, up-cycling, adding, and taking away from people’s wardrobes. So I guess it depends on how you view the word ‘Fashion.’ For me, fashion is how people present themselves to the world. Not necessarily based on WHAT they’re wearing but more so based on HOW what they’re wearing makes them feel. The way my clients want to feel and be portrayed influences my daily life because it changes the way I edit and shop for a wardrobe. Some days I’ll be looking for and creating looks that exude confidence for a young lawyer transitioning away from student life. Other days I’ll be looking for the perfect athletic/performance attire for a clients who’s about to retire and spend more days golfing and more time travelling.

Vince red clutch / BCBG orange kitten heels / Anthropologie top/kimono (tied) / Wilfred pants

What do you like about consignment shopping?

Over the last couple of years I’ve been doing lots of research about a side of the ‘fashion’ industry that as consumers, we tend of turn a blind eye to. Manufacturing! The rise of ‘fast fashion’ is not only hurting talented, young, experienced, established designers and brands, but it’s also hurting our environment. The rate that we buy and throw away clothing is astonishing! Consigning is great for so many reasons!

  1. It lengthens a piece’s life cycle – the consignor probably only wore it once or twice.
  2. It keeps perfectly good pieces out of landfills.
  3. It allows consumers the ability to stretch their dollar; i.e: $250 denim for $70?! Sold.
  4. It more than likely is supporting a small business owner, rather than a multi billion dollar conglomerate.
  5. It is like a treasure hunt every time!

BCBG leather jacket / Lilika Anthropologie top / Michael Kors belt / Zara denim / Nine West pumps / Stella McCartney Falabella bag

What tip could you give others about consignment shopping?

I think the secret with consignment is visiting frequently. Consignment stores turn over quickly, so there’s always fresh and new items, you’re not looking at the same ‘collection’ for months at a time. If you can’t find what you’re looking for in the moment, make a request to the staff – chances are they will receive what you are looking for in the near future OR they can ask specific consignors if they may have the item your looking for and are willing to consign it.

What do you like about SalvEdge Boutique?

Well, besides the staff being first class, I love the environment. Its never ‘stuffy’ and the layout is always very shop-able. Easy to navigate shop, friendly staff, an amazing selection of designer items at a crazy great price. What’s not to LOVE!

~Hazel Anderson, Stylist

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