On Trend for Spring 2021

On Trend for Spring 2021

As we slowly break away from our sweat pants, band tees and slippers (with eager anticipation), we can look forward to some fun SPRING fashion trends this year with elegant details and lots of colour! As these trends are set by the world’s most renowned and luxurious fashion designers, other clothing labels and mainstream stores follow suit in putting out similar styles.

Inspiration from around the world on how to wear these styles will have you adding new garments to your closet in no time. Adopt only what suits you, and what you truly like. And remember, just because something is more “in” this season, doesn’t mean it’s new. So you will inevitably find key pieces to add to your wardrobe that are right on trend ON CONSIGNMENT – saving you money, and providing you with more unique options.

Here are some trends that we can get on board with this season.

Casual Suiting & Boyfriend Blazers

Ready to swap that hoodie for a blazer? This season there is a lot of casual suiting on trend, including oversized boyfriend jackets and blazers.  An oversized, slightly boxy blazer doesn’t look good on everyone, but if you’re willing to give it a try consider pairing with jeans, straight leg trousers and even shorts. Wear a fitted, more feminine top underneath like a silk or lace v-neck tank. Or ditch the boxy, over-sized look altogether and go for something more structured to dress up those distressed jeans or a t-shirt dress.

Pastel Tones & Bubble Gum Pink

What colour is more fun than bubblegum pink?! A playful colour that can be incorporated into your wardrobe with key pieces like a trench jacket or a suit, or add it more minimally with accessories like a bag, scarf or shoes.

You will also see a lot of pastel tones like lavender and mint green. Reminiscent maybe of a dish of painted Easter eggs, pastel hues are pretty and feminine. However, not everyone’s colour palette, so choose your colours carefully and make sure they don’t wash you out.

Folksy-Inspired Jackets & Details

This season there are some beautiful folksy inspired pieces, particularly in the form of a jacket or a trench. The kind of thing you might often find at Anthropologie or Free People. Colourful and delicate embroidery or lace, that needs nothing more than simple basics to wear with. Tapestry like textures are timeless, elegant and add interest to any outfit. Incorporate as a statement jacket or a skirt.

Sheer Details

A sheer top, dress or skirt has also hit the runways and stores like Zara and Top Shop always have these types of pieces for a fraction of designer prices. Whether you want a full sheer skirt, sheer details like sleeves in a blouse or a sheer dress layered over a bodysuit; go as bold as you feel comfortable with these delicate, sexy pieces.

Wrap Skirts 

Wrap skirts are nothing new in fashion, but designers will always come up with a new twist in details, and of course fabrics. Whatever you want to suit your personal style you will likely find this season, whether it’s a long wrap maxi skirt, mini skirt, patterned or a solid hue, it’s a great piece to show off your legs this Spring/Summer!

Blue and Yellow

In addition to pastel tones and bubblegum pink there are brighter colours for those of us who look better in jewel tones or deeper hues. You’ll mostly see bright blues or yellows in accessories like a statement bag.

Here are a few pieces we have in stock right now that align with this season’s trends. Check back often as styles come and go all the time. SHOP ONLINE or in person at either of our central locations!

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