SalvEdge August Fashion Ambassador: Samantha

SalvEdge August Fashion Ambassador: Samantha

August Fashion Ambassador, Samantha, is so cute in just about anything! Her fun loving personality and savvy, ethical approach to shopping is an inspiration. Check out the simple, stylish outfits she pulled together, and all white looks for Diner en Blanc (happening later this month) for outfit ideas! 

1) How would you describe your personal style?

My personal style is a combination of comfort and creativity. I work with kids, so most days I need to be ready to run, lift, get messy and not cry if my shirt gets ripped. This does restrict my wardrobe during the week but I have enough black jeans, loose t shirts and Blundstones to keep me happy.

2) What influence does fashion have in your every day life?

Fashion is an opportunity to be bold and celebrate your unique physique. It can represent your idea of self, boost self confidence, and encourage creativity. I linger when I find pieces of clothing that are elegant, like a dress coat with embroidered pearls, sexy like high waisted bell bottoms, and comfortable like mountain equipment co op fleece from the 90’s. Sometimes making a coherent outfit is difficult but I love each piece without regret.

3) What tip can you give someone who has not yet experienced consignment shopping?

Go check out Salvage fashion! And ask around, there are tons of great consignment stores to look through before going online or into a mall. I find something new and surprising each time I wander the racks. And I can proudly say that 90% of my clothes are used but still look fresh.

4) What do you consider the most important essential pieces in a wardrobe?

As long as my butt looks good I am happy. So finding a pair of jeans that compliment my body shape is essential. Otherwise jewelry. I like to dress in black but if I choose the right jewelry my outfit is still interesting.

5) What do you like about SalvEdge Boutique and consignment shopping? 

The staff are super friendly and extremely helpful in finding that missing piece to your dream outfit. I also love their selection of jewelry, hand crafted and all local! I like to shop consignment because I hate malls and I also feel guilty buying new clothes. I like the surprise of going into a thrift or consignment store with no expectation and finding a gold mine of eclectic pieces that aren’t in circulation anymore. To me outdated clothing is rare, not irrelevant.
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