SalvEdge Fashion Ambassador: March

SalvEdge Fashion Ambassador: March

March SalvEdge Fashion Ambassador, Victoria, is such a beautiful, stylish & joyful person! She is definitely a people person and her inner beauty shines bright in her outer beauty. Her fun, vibrant personality combined with her thoughtful, generous demeanour make us at SalvEdge grateful to have her as this month’s ambassador! We can’t wait to have her model again for us!

How would you describe your personal style?

I would describe my personal style as “ever changing and evolving”. With my style, I love to play with bold and bright colours and patterns, but I also love soft, flirty feminine pieces. I love mixing up my style frequently. Who says we need to stick to one style, why not try them all?! For me, I love switching up my style every day of the week! For instance, Monday may be combat boots with cargo pants and Tuesday might be a flirty floral dress with ballet flats! By playing with all different types of trends and styles, it keeps my creative juices flowing and I never feel like I’m in a fashion rut! I definitely rely on consignment shopping to keep up on trends and find the best brands at affordable prices. I don’t let the fashion trend influence me too much; I enjoy creating my own individualized looks that are unique to me! My advice would be to remember to have fun, be unique and express yourself!

What influence does fashion have in your every day life?

Fashion has such a huge impact on my daily life, as it is a creative outlet for me and allows me to express myself or present myself how I want that day. An outfit can be an escape from a feeling or can be a way of expressing your current emotions. For me if I am feeling blue, sometimes a simple fix is putting on a dress that makes me feel sexy. Sometimes we don’t realize how much of an impact a simple change to our outfit can have on us. For instance, switching between runners to some gorgeous stilettos can make any basic t-shirt and jean combo feel polished and elevated – an instant mood booster for me! Fashion has a major influence on my day, my mood, my perception of who I am and who I want to be. Putting together an outfit that makes me feel and look amazing can set the precedent for the rest of my day.

If you could buy any one item to add to your wardrobe right now (no matter the cost) what would it be?

I would love to find the perfect oversized blazer for layering and the perfect pair of ripped jeans! It is tough to find the balance of sleek and stylish vs too big and baggy with oversized blazers and don’t even get me started with jeans shopping! I love shopping but jean shopping is never easy for me, I’m sure others will agree. And so the search continues…

What tip can you give someone who has not yet experienced consignment shopping?

When shopping in consignment stores, there is such a good variety of different styles to try. If something catches your eye, TRY IT ON! Even if it isn’t exactly your typical style! You’d be surprised at the amazing pieces you’ll find in consignment stores, and the prices will shock you! Consignment stores give you the flexibility to see and try such a wide variety of quality brands, trends, styles, and cuts for a fraction of the cost. You can find basics or statement pieces to add to your wardrobe. Go into the store with an open mind and willingness to try on new styles and cuts you aren’t used to, and who knows – you may discover a whole new side to yourself.

What do you consider the most important essential pieces in a wardrobe?

My most essential pieces in my wardrobe currently are:

  • A pair of go-to jeans; you can wear them with anything, dress them up, dress them down – they are an absolute must in my book! I personally gravitate toward a high waisted, medium wash, skinny jean right now!
  • A pair of classic black pumps! Patent or leather or suede, stiletto or chunky, doesn’t matter! These will pull together almost any outfit! (A pair of Black Patent Louboutin Stilettos would be my dream come true!)
  • A beautiful silk midi slip skirt, with a beautiful slit. I love putting together sleek, chic outfits with this key piece right now.
  • A well fitted black leather jacket. Again this piece can finish off and give a bit of an edge to almost any outfit, daytime or nighttime! It is also perfect for a warmer spring day – and plus it’s waterproof in case of rain!
  • A Chic Basic Paperboy – perfect for finishing a look and hiding a bad hair day!

What’s your favourite piece that you bought consignment shopping?

I bought a beautiful pair of gorgeous candy apple red Mary-Jane style pumps on my most recent visit to the Macleod Tr location. It was definitely love at first sight! Everyone needs the perfect pop of colour!

What do you like about SalvEdge Boutique and consignment shopping?

I have been consignment shopping for years upon years with my mom and my aunt as our weekend tradition. As I grew up I began to learn what an incredible impact shopping consignment can have on our community and our environment as well. A few years back, I worked at a local consignment store and really saw and understood what kind of impact consignment could have! Consignment shopping not only is a great way of finding unique items to give your wardrobe some extra flare but it also supports a “reduce, reuse, recycle” standpoint for the environment. My favourite aspect is the idea of reselling your clothes that sit in your closet collecting dust. Fashionistas bring in their gentle worn items (or brand new items) into the consignment boutique, then the store chooses the items to sell, and once the items sell, the store gives a percentage of that selling price to the consignor. I love that shopping consignment means I get to support local businesses and other amazing consignors in our community too. Who doesn’t want money back on their beautiful unused clothes! What’s even better is that some consignment stores will even donate unsold items to local women charities! It is such a great way to shop for unique items, while knowing it is making a positive impact in the world!

I love shopping at both SalvEdge Boutique locations in Calgary because they offer an amazing variety of designer brands for incredible pricing and so many quality brands for extremely affordable pricing too. There is truly something available for any price point! SalvEgde Boutique is also very well curated, only accepting quality items that are fashionable and in really good condition. The more time I spend in the store the more amazing pieces I find! A huge plus is that the staff make the shopping environment fun and relaxing, and they are so helpful when you are searching for a specific item! Like all my visits to the boutique, I had a fabulous time looking through their amazing selection to create some fun Spring looks! I am telling you there are some incredible pieces in that store you won’t want to miss out on! Keep your eyes peeled for posts on Instagram!

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