SalvEdge July Fashion Ambassador: David

SalvEdge July Fashion Ambassador: David

We finally have a male model for our monthly fashion ambassador – thank you David for being such a fun, fashion savvy ambassador! Guys, there are such great styles out there to showcase who you are on the outside. Have fun with fashion as David does and shop consignment with us for unique styles that are on trend, as well as designer labels you love for a fraction of the retail price!

1) How would you describe your personal style?

Casual and daring.

2) What influence does fashion have in your every day life?

Fashion adds perspective and interpretation. It emboldens me or garners confidence. It is an expression of everything from mood to the weather and how we dare to be in the world.

3) What do you like about consignment shopping?

I love consignment shopping because I’ve not once purchased something then walked into a room of other people wearing it. It gives good clothes a second shot at life and reduces my impact as a consumer in supporting companies that have exploited their workers for gross profits.

4) What tip could you give others about consignment shopping?

Be risky. Buying bold is easier when it’s a fraction of the price. Use your heart and imagination rather than a conservative, safe approach.

5) What do you like about SalvEdge Boutique? 

I love the staff, the prices and the styles at SalvEdge. Going to bigger thrift and consignment stores can be frustrating and time consuming going through thousands of items. SalvEdge just has a beautifully curated selection of quality fashion that will last and look good before you even leave with it.

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