September Fashion Ambassador: Raquel

September Fashion Ambassador: Raquel

Raquel, our September Fashion Ambassador, was looking for outfits that would transition nicely from university to her part-time office job. Comfortable, stylish and appropriate for class and work both.  We could put anything on Raquel with her lean figure and beautiful features and it would look amazing, but it all comes down to personal style. What would SHE like to wear! Here are some looks this fun-loving gal put together. 

1) How would you describe your personal style?

My style changes every day according to what I’m feeling, but most of my clothing is inspired by fall fashion – earth tones, light pinks, and denim. Lately however, my style has changed since working in a corporate environment and I have more dress pants and blouses.

High waist pants and velvet body suit (she purchased) with classic heels and a classic, killer statement bag.

2) What do you love about fashion?

Fashion is different everywhere you go and I love experiencing different cultural styles. I’ve recently been inspired by Korean street fashion, and the way they layer different textures and colours together.

Wilfred trench jacket (XS), ATM knit dress (S), Prada Saffiano bag, leopard booties (8.5) & Alora Boutique fringe necklace. All available for purchase.

3) What tip can you give someone who has not yet experienced consignment shopping?

Look through everything! Consignment and thrifting is like a treasure hunt, you’ll never know what you’ll find!

Wilfred sleeveless sweater, Paige wax jeans, Arnold Churgin booties, Brian Atwood bag & Tribes + Society necklace.

4) What is your biggest challenge when it comes to shopping and getting ready for the day?

In a heavily influenced, fast fashion world, it can be hard to find unique pieces that will last you a decent amount of time, and pieces that will stay fashionable for longer.

MM Lafleur dress (S), oversize sweater (sold), vintage bag & Apryl Dawn necklace.

5) What do you like about SalvEdge Boutique and consignment shopping?

SalvEdge offers a wide variety of pieces at a discount of the price! If you’re looking for quality clothing and designer clothing and bags, SalvEdge is your place!

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