Stampede Style: Cowgirl Go-To or Calgary Couture?

Stampede Style: Cowgirl Go-To or Calgary Couture?

Stampede rolls around every year with the whiff of pancake breakfasts in the air and the twang of country music in our ears. Some of us celebrate with the Cow-Town nightlife, and some simply like the Carnival rides. We might celebrate the same event every year, but that doesn’t mean settling for the same plaid shirt and denim skirt. Liven up your denim and treat your ankles to some new boots! It’s time to put a two-step into your Stampede-style!

by Lucy Randal

More Boho & Less Barn-Girl

If you’re itching to wear denim but will happily pass up the plaid, then try an in-between look and pull out your favourite print instead. Try a floral blouse tucked into a denim skirt or under oversized overalls for Parade Day or to peruse Stampede Park. Don’t own cowboy boots? Pair with a cute pair of suede ankle boots! If you’re looking for a fancier fit but you don’t want to compromise those trusty cowboy boots, then go for a long floral dress that hits the top of the boots for a streamlined-Stampede look.










Accessories to Uplift a Typical Cowgirl Look-Conundrum

Don’t feel guilty for the pre-planned denim that sits at the back of your closet, waiting for its annual Stampede return! Mix your favourite denim piece with a fun accessory and standout boots! Try a boot that reaches well past the knee with your dress, or a boot with a contrasting pattern in the leather. Also, ditch a fanny-pack or your obvious leather purse for a fringe bag to complete the look!

Stampede Street Style

If you’re feeling a little more daring with your “Cowgirl” look then grab one Stampede staple and your favourite street-style pieces out of your closet. There are no rules to Stampede looks as there are no rules to your everyday outfits, so feel free to mix and match. Celine and Vetements released cowboy boots last fall so why not take a leap out of the high-fashion world to create a show stopping Stampede look that sets you apart. Are you daring enough?

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