Style Dilemmas Solved: Q&A with Local Stylist

Style Dilemmas Solved: Q&A with Local Stylist

Local stylist, Danielle Raven, knows and loves fashion. So we asked her some basic style dilemma questions for her expert advice to share with you. Read on for closet help.

Q: What are the basic wardrobe essentials a gal should have these days?

A: The essentials I think every woman should have in her closet are :

Denim jacket
Crisp white dress shirt
Cropped wide leg jean
Skinny jeans
Camel coat
Little black dress
Chelsea boot
Black heels


Q: Give us an example of different ways you can wear a turtleneck and a denim jacket. 
A: A turtleneck is an amazing layering piece! You can wear it under a summer dress to make it wearable for fall or winter, or under a dress shirt to give you a more preppy look. With a denim jacket you can literally pair it with absolutely anything – from evening gown to your comfiest pair of jeans!
Q: If I was looking for a new look and a change in wardrobe, how would I get started? 
A: You “Marie Kondo” your closet first! Get rid of anything that you haven’t worn in the last two years or more. You have to make room for the new! This can be tough, but if you feel like you can’t do it alone or you need a second pair of eyes you can find someone like me to come help @ravenousbeauty. Then you need to decide how you want to present yourself to the world!
Q: How can I do an wardrobe update inexpensively? 
A: I would go to your local consignment store! Or flea market! You can find great cool and interesting pieces at half the price of regular shops.
A: (SalvEdge) Look at changing up some of your basics – maybe change your camel coat to a red coat, or try a print bootie as opposed to a basic black or brown leather bootie.  Try a high waist skirt and/or jeans as opposed to your usual hipsters. If you don’t normally wear jewelry try a ‘wear with anything’ statement choker and a long pendant necklace. And of course shop either of our locations for big savings on great brands!
Q: What is the key to pulling a look together and looking like you have style?
A: The trick to looking like you’ve got style is picking pieces that fit correctly and aren’t showing wear and tear! I.e. fading, pilling, holes.
A: (SalvEdge) Add an accessory like a belt, hat, patterned shoe or a pop of colour with a scarf, bag or jewelry.

Q: How does one develop their own personal style?

A: Pinterest is a great place to pick and choose pictures for inspiration for your own personal style!

A: (SalvEdge) Think about how you want to present yourself to the world and who you are. Are you simple elegance, outdoorsy, feminine & flirty, outgoing and bold, edgy, hipster, rock & roll – maybe all of the above at given times?  You can incorporate your personality into what you wear. Be yourself and don’t worry about trends. Then as Danielle said, look at blogs, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. that follow your likes and lifestyle to get inspiration on how to create personal style.

Q: What’s a good date night outfit to impress, but still look effortless?
A: I would suggest a camisole or a v neck tee with a blazer, layered necklace, a pair of skinny jeans, heels and a great bag!
Q: What should one wear to an interview to look professional but still exude confidence and stand out?
A: A power suit matched with your power colour is always good, but if you don’t have a suit pick the pieces that you feel the most confident in! Really remember to pick something that is an amazing colour for you! It could be a nice dress or blazer. I’m a huge fan of blazers!
Q: How can I update my day to day uniform of skirts and blouses, and on the weekend jeans and tees?
A: To change it up, add patterned tights to a dress or add a scarf. For the weekend warrior invest in a wide leg jean! They will be huge this year and for the next couple of years.
Q: There’s so many oversize sweaters, tops & jackets out there, and boyfriend jeans are still a fave among most of us, but how do we wear these oversize pieces so we don’t look frumpy and sloppy?
A: The trick to wearing all of these items is to get the correct fit for you! The fit is the key…. for real!  You can also do a French tuck for an over-sized sweater to show your waist a bit and figure. If you’re doing a long skirt with an over-sized sweater, add a belt.

Q: What are you favourite accessories that more people should consider incorporating into their wardrobe?

A: My absolute favourite accessory is a funky sock!!! I think it adds that little extra spunk to any outfit! I also love the barrette trend. It’s a fun way to add some jewelry to your look.

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